We provide the platform that will help you to reach your highest platform

Your voice matters in the world. Studying online with New Oaks College will allow you to find your voice in the job market, whether it’s as an employee or an employer.

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We provide the platform that will help you to reach your highest platform

Your voice matters in the world. Studying online with New Oaks College will allow you to find your voice in the job market, whether it’s as an employee or an employer.

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Study Online Cape Town

education is a key to unlock your future

Studying can be a very daunting prospect. The fear is there that you could fail as you may be learning brand new concepts. Yet, there is still excitement in the air, as you embark on a journey of what we all hope, would ultimately lead to an improved standard of living. 

At New Oaks College we understand that life is really tough out there. You want to be able to study anytime and anywhere on any device. But more than that, you want to study something which will help make you more employable. If you are thinking of starting your own business, then you want to learn the required skills to make sure that your company is one of the few, that survives those first few years. 

For those skilled professionals, you want a robust course which can give you the immediate practical skills required to improve your portfolio or your business.

Thats what we specialise in, at New Oaks College. Affordable. Accessible. Education. Online.


quality learning you can trust


Most of our Professional Courses have study material that is Unit Standard aligned. Our facilitators and partners have the qualifications and experience to provide the coaching and mentorship you require, for our training to be effective. 

Our world-class Learner Management System (LMS) assists in making your user experience seamless. Move effortlessly from section to section and have our support desk available to you, when needed. 

Professional Courses

These online courses have been created with the working professional in mind. We have partnered with recognised educational and business partners to bring you courses, that provide the depth and insight needed to make key strategic business decisions.

Innovation & Creativity

 Learn how to become a truly successful entrepreneur, by focusing on creativity, integrating innovation and strategic business practices.

12 Wks | R9999 |  Starts 8 June




Corporate Athlete

Using powerful sports metaphors adapted to corporate environments, learn a new perspective on human mechanisms in a professional context.

8 Wks | R9999 | Starts 11 June



Marketing Management

Learn how to manage marketing and selling processes of a new venture and tender for business or work in a business venture.

12 Wks | R9999 | Starts 7 July




Business Operations

We will guide you through the practical skills required, for how best to manage your business’s operations with the assistance from our business mentor.

12 Wks | R9999 | Starts 5 August




Coaching Courses

These courses have been designed to provide you with the skills you need to make important life decisions. Schedule a free online video consultation with one of our student consultants, should you require more information.

1 Day workshop Courses

These courses will always have a place in every work environment. Instead of having to leave the office for a day to attend training, you can easily complete your course online at your convenience.

Our promise to you

We promise to deliver only the best service throughout your studies with us. Through every phase of engagement with New Oaks College, our dedicated support is ready and available to assist you, when called upon.


Sign Up & Begin Your Course

The registration process is fully automated, but we always have real people available to assist.

Receive Regular Feedback

Our team of facilitators and coaches are available to you, via Q&A sessions and support links.


Dedicated Student Support

Our Student Support team is on hand should you have any administrative enquiries.

Complete Your Course

We allocate resources to make sure you complete the course within the required time period.


Get Certified

Upon completion of your course you will immediately receive a Certificate of Achievement.

Use Your New Skills

Add your Certificate to your CV and implement what you have learnt in your workplace or business.


These are a few of the testimonials we have received to date. Join the hundreds of students who have taken advantage of the opportunity and enrolled for a course with us.

Marius Venter

“I love that New Oaks College’s courses are so affordable. I have seen how these courses have improved the skills of my employees, in only a short period of time.”

Akhona Sibanda

“With the fundamentals I learnt in my course, I was successfully able to get my business off the ground. I’m so excited for what the future holds. Thank you to the support team for always being there when I needed them.”

Tanya Jacobs

“I am so happy that I have finally accomplished something. I know that with the skills and knowledge I have gained, that I will now be able to apply for a better job. My whole family is so very proud of me”

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